Shiv Dharma First RELIGION Ruler of All UniverseGULERA.

Shiv Adishakti Creator of Universe and all human souls by SHIVLING, and control Universe and human souls in order created Shiv Dharma
Shiva Dharma Religion (Nature of Law) was created while creation of Universe begin by SHIV ADHI SHAKTI , there is no doubt about it all Veda, Books confirmed.
Root Muladhar Chakra Chakra base of all human souls are root chakra , and first seed of great wisdom is Shiva dharma , door to wisdom . Without Dharma (religion) no success in spiritual life as well in day to day world life .


Best answer is found in a history from the Shaiva scripture Shiva Purana. Brahma and Vishnu were engaged in an argument about who was greater. The dispute grew so intense that the world was threatened. The devas requested Lord Shiva to intervene. Shiva appeared before them in the form of a fiery column of light, called Jyotir linga, of which they could perceive neither the beginning nor the end. A contest was devised by the two: the one who first found either end of the Jyotirlinga would prevail as the greater. Vishnu mounted his boar (varaha) and tunneled downward through the nether worlds; Brahma, mounting his swan (hamsa), ascended through the upper worlds. Failing to find the bottom, and totally exhausted, Vishnu returned to the surface. Brahma, failing to find the summit, resorted to a dishonest ruse. Encountering a ketaki flower falling through space, Brahma cajoled it to falsely testify that He had reached the pillar's summit. Upon returning to the surface, he was boasting of his achievement when suddenly Lord Shiva appeared in the middle of the Jyotirlinga and unequivocally declared Himself to be beyond their ken and thus the greatest. Brahma was castigated by Lord Shiva for his deceit. Thus Brahma is not worshiped in any temple in India, except in Pushkar, a few miles from Ajmer, in Rajasthan. In this answer, which represents a Saiva point of view, Shiva is manifestly greater than Vishnu as well god ,lord goddess of universe. Shiva SUPREME GOD OF UNIVERSE WHO CREATED ALL UNIVERSE AND HUMAN SOUL As well all god goddess messenger by Shiva ling . Shiva only one supreme god of Universe made life possible for all human souls , we make our world as Shivstan
Fight for truth as Shiva say SATAYM SHIVAM SUNDRAM .
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